Management Services


At MCS, we work hard to understand each client’s situation and goals, and set a framework that will enable our clients to achieve their objectives.  We can assess and work on any area of your business; whether it is general management, sales and marketing, operations, production, finance or human resources.

We are actively involved in the management of several companies. Our main areas of expertise are the Hospitality industry and Real Estate sector.
MCS’s partners have been involved in the Hotel management and in the restaurant industry since the 1950’s; for three generations we have gained a know-how, expertise and are always keeping up with the latest industry standards. As part of our Portfolio, we are currently involved in the management of a large 5 stars’ hotel on the seashore of Lebanon with almost 200 rooms and 30 furnished apartments.

Another key aspect of our business is our ability to manage large scale real estate projects in terms of size, budget, number of properties and number of employees. As an example, we are currently managing a real estate compound with more than 1000 owners, 100 employees and multi-million dollars’ annual budget.

Should you be interested in our advises or services for any of your project we have all it needs to be able to assist you during the various stages of your investment.

  • Bottom-Line Focused
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Strategizing
  • Growth Expansion
  • Goal Setting
  • Risk Management
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“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon