Consultancy Services


MCS is a management consulting firm working mainly with companies and investors in the Middle East and Europe. We specialize in advising our clients how to handle their corporate affairs, such as preparing a feasible business plan, strategies, budgeting, forecasting, marketing strategies and corporate governance.

Our key to success is our passion for our mission and the fact that for every engagement we appoint a specialized team of consultants with the most appropriate experience and expertise to work that mission.

  • Equity Investment
  • Fixed Income Assets
  • Financial Service Listing
  • Tailored Service
  • Foreign Exchange Products
  • Over-the-counter Solutions
  • Financial Consultancy
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Our committed team aim to help companies and investors assess the optimal strategies to achieve their goals.



MCS is a family-owned firm that knows and cares about its clients. MCS works
tirelessly to provide each client with the high level of attention they deserve.


When you call MSC you will be speaking directly with someone who cares
deeply about your issues and will rapidly seek to solve your problems.


At the end of the day, the most important reason to choose any investment
management firm is to find a firm that can consistently grow your assets at an
appropriate level of risk.