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MCS will accompany its clients throughout all the phases of a real estate investment. Our team will focus on your specific requirements, advising you along the way on various locations, giving you a realistic idea of what to expect in terms of budget, investment growth, yield and profit. MCS can help you maximize your return on investment by advising you on the ways to enhance your rental yield, or extract the most out of your investment. Amongst other things, we will advise on the necessary cosmetic touches and latest trends in terms of client’s demands and expectations from a property, so that the investment will appeal to the greatest possible market.

We are currently managing several property portfolios for various types of clients across different countries. We are well established in several markets, especially London, Beirut and Paris.  For each jurisdiction we have structured the investment in the way which we saw was the best fitted for the situation of the client, taking into account the local laws and regulations.

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Real Estate – It’s often what you don’t know that is most relevant.



MCS utilizes the latest demographic and economic information to forecast real estate reactions and provide concise conclusions and recommendations to each and every client.



MCS can tailor a market analysis study to examine any sector of real estate. Our vast experience in this field and our unprecedented access to information
makes MCS your preferred choice for market analysis consulting.



We’re property investors ourselves and use the same successful strategies we recommend to you.